• Q How does it work?

    The only requirement for using the Israel connect SIM is that you have an unlocked mobile phone.

    The Israel Connect SIM card works on a Pay-As-You-Go basis. You rent a SIM card from us and we will ship direct to your home address prior to departure. Your order is shipped within 24 hours of your purchase.

    When you arrive, all you need to do is to insert your Israel Connect SIM into your phone, power up and you're connected.

    Renting an Israel Connect SIM card will save you up to 90% against roaming charges.

  • QCan I expect good network coverage in Israel?

    Absolutely, you'll be on Israel’s largest GSM mobile network.

    Coverage may be affected by such things as terrain, weather, foliage, building structures and your equipment.

    Note. Jordan and Egypt coverage is not available.

  • QWhat is a SIM?

    SIM card, Subscriber Identity Module, is a portable memory chip used in GSM mobile phones. The SIM holds personal identity information, mobile phone number, phone book, text messages and other data. It can be thought of as a mini hard disk that automatically activates the phone into which it is inserted.

  • QWhat is an unlocked mobile phone?

    Operators can lock mobiles to tie the mobile phones to their network. If a phone is locked to a mobile network, it will not function on another mobile network unless it is unlocked. The easiest way to check if your phone is locked is to test inserting a friend's SIM card from another operator in your telephone. You can also ask your mobile operator if your phone is locked to them.

    If your phone is locked to a specific operator, you can either: ask the operator for the unlock code or borrow an unlocked phone for your journey.

  • QWill my phone work in Israel?

    The Israel connect prepaid SIM card is compatible with any unlocked GSM handset that supports 850MHz/1700/1900/2100 MHz GSM frequencies. This includes Android, iPhone3 and other smart phones.

    If you have an unlocked quad-band GSM mobile phone, then it should work. Quad-band GSM mobile phones cover all bands and will work all over the world with all GSM mobile operators. If you do not know what band your telephone is, please refer to your device manual.

  • QCan I use the Israel Connect SIM with my iPhone, android, tablet or iPad?

    Yes you can. Our Israel connect SIMs work with most unlocked iPhones 3, 3S, 4 & 4S, 5 & 5S and the new 6 & 6s iPhone. The Israel Connect MICRO SIM for the Israel will even work with an iPad.

    The iPhone 3 and iPhone 3S requires a regular SIM Card, therefore you should purchase the "Prepaid SIM for the Israel" and not the MICRO SIM. For iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and iPads, purchase the "Prepaid MICRO SIM for the Israeli ".

  • QCan I use the Israel SIM with my BlackBerry?

    You can certainly use our Israel SIM in your BlackBerry for calls. However, BlackBerry has some proprietary applications, such as email services, which our Israeli SIM does not support, so these services will therefore not work on our operators network.

  • QIs shipping free?

    Absolutely, we offer free shipping in North America with a 14 days advance notice !

  • QHow long will it take to receive my Israel prepaid SIM?

    We offer free shipping in North America.

    Your items will be processed for shipping within 24 hours upon the placement of your order. Estimated delivery times are as follows:

    7-10 Days

    Please make sure that the delivery address is correct before completing your payment as we only ship items to your registered checkout address. A re-delivery fee would be charged if your delivery address is incorrect or unclaimed.

  • QHow do I get support?

    Read through the instructions you received with the Israel Connect SIM plus our Israel Connect FAQ. If your questions are still not answered, click the “Contact Us" link above in the menu.

    Our Israel mobile operator offers local support in English. You will find Customer Support contact numbers and online support in the instructions that followed with the prepaid SIM.

  • QWhat telephone number do I get with the SIM card?

    Each SIM card has a designated unique telephone number on our Israeli mobile operator's network. The number is sent to your email address upon completion of the online SIM Activation.

  • QWhen should I insert the SIM Card?

    Insert the Israel SIM card when you arrive in Israel. The SIM will automatically connect to the Israel mobile network to complete the activation process. It usually takes less than a few minutes before you can make calls, send texts, etc.

  • QHow do I install my Israel prepaid SIM?

    Carefully remove the SIM card from its packaging and insert it into the SIM slot in your phone. Mobile phone slots are often found under the battery, however this can be different for each phone, therefore if you are unsure please refer to your phone's manual for detailed instructions.

  • QWhat is the PIN code for the Israel prepaid SIM?

    There is no PIN code on the Israel connect SIM.

  • QCan I set a personal message on my voicemail?

    Yes, a personal voicemail message can be easily recorded by calling the mobile operator's telephone number by pressing the 1 button on your phone, and then follow the instructions.

  • QCan I browse the internet from my mobile phone?

    Yes, providing your phone has data capability. The only requirement is that your phone is unlocked and not tied to your Operator's network. You will also need to setup your phone to use the operator's network for the internet. Instructions follow with the sim card.

  • QHow do I make international calls?

    To call international numbers dial for example 013 1(310) 555-1212 or simply follow the instructions provided on your order confirmation.

  • QDoes the SIM card have an expiration date?

    The SIM card is valid for 30 days or for as long as you have active refill credit available.

  • QWhat do I do if I lose my SIM card?

    Israel connect takes no responsibility for lost SIM cards. If your SIM has been activated, we recommend reporting the loss of your card to the Israel Mobile Operator.

  • QI've still got questions, what do I do?

    We really want our customers to make an informed purchase, so if you still have questions, please contact us via our site's Contact link or shoot off an email to info@israelconnect.net