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    Can you imagine a world without mobile communication? We can't, and we don't think communication should come to a halt when on vacation because it's too expensive to roam. We believe passionately in bringing the freedom to use mobile technology inexpensively whilst on vacation.

    Our solution is not ground breaking. It's simple and easy and that's what we love about it. No technical dependencies that can crash and no hidden costs. A plug and play solution to facilitate keeping in touch and making the most of technology when travelling.

    555 mobility a company provides telecom services in the Travel and Tourism industry. We were founded in 2013 and are about simplicity and agility.

    The 555 Mobility team are people who love travel, communication and technology. We have many years of hands-on-experience in Telecommunications. We know what's important when selecting a Mobile Operator and are not fazed by the challenge of doing business in a foreign language and in complex environments.